"Golden Spike Days" (May)

Golden Spike Days ........A May celebration for families and people of all ages.......Is your Tustin business involved? Get listed.... It's FREE......Call or e-mail your information.

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"Golden Spike Days." - 150 Years Celebration!
May 10, 1869 - May 10, 2019

14 Room
Victorian Mansion
Built 1881
Completing the last link in the Transcontinental Railroad with a spike of gold was the brainchild of David Hewes. A friend of California Governor. Leland Stanford, he provided the golden spike used in the dedication on May 10, 1869. This one event, joining the east and west by rail, opened up the west and started a new era for both California and for America.

The Hewes house can be seen in Historic Old Town Tustin at the corner
of Main and B Streets. It is currently a private residenc

Video Tour
Linda Jennings
"Golden Spike Days"
Golden Spike Sesquicentennial Celebration and Festival at Promontory Summit.
Utah is honored and excited to host the Transcontinental Railroad's 150th birthday party
at the Golden Spike National Historic Site May 10th through 12th, 2019
spike150.org - Events - Conference -
National Historic Site
Video Links & Photos
Jupiter (PDF)
No. 119 (PDF)

Tustin Area Historical Society Membership Offer

Celebrating 150th.
Become a TAHS, Golden Spike Member!
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad we are offering a
free laser engraved replica Golden Spike with new memberships.
Mail in form with check or pay online
Additional Golden Spikes are $10.00 each including tax (At Museum - NO shipping)
Golden Spikes with engraved plack are $15.00 each including tax (At Museum - NO shipping)

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